This is a work of fiction. I make every attempt to avoid prescriptive writing, to state precisely what is right or wrong, and how to be. That advice never works for me, and I doubt it works for you. Instead, by using words like “we”, I aim to elevate our thoughts beyond the personal, causal version of reality and look for universal truths which we can all learn from.
There is a universal truth of humanity, things which transcend situation, genetics, appearance and demeanor. I believe one truth is that we are all creators, we are all endowed with the ability to envision a better world for ourselves, for our families, for our community, and for our world.

It is our birthright to see things improve via the application of our efforts.  This work must be fierce if we are to succeed.


Where to Begin:

This work is organized by context. Essays which deal directly with different parts of the creative process such as On Attention or On Expectations can be found in the Before, During and After sections above. Specific mindsets should be explored in the Category sidebar, such as Hurt or Inspiration. Explore and enjoy!